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Microsoft Windows 2016 Licensing Calculation

Windows 2016 is announced and there are many great features included especially containers support.  One of the major improvement is reducing the number of management console as well which is greatly appreciated.

There is also some changes to the licenses. Remember the licensing cost in Windows 2012R2 Datacenter edition was increase comparing to Windows 2012?  Windows 2016 has also some changes not in price but in the way it license stated here.  Refer to Question 7 of the FAQ.

Below is the table to see the pricing since Windows 2012 to Windows 2016.

VMware Education Revive VCAP Certification in 6

With the release of vSphere 6, there were some changes to the certification as posted earlier. VMware announced the retirement of VCAP for vSphere Design and Administration and replaced it with VCIX which requires equivalent of both VCAP category exam with half the exam time.
As announced recently, VMware Education has listen to feedbacks and instead of retiring VCAP certification all together it will still have it valid however VCIX will only been granted to individual with double VCAP for each track in Design and Administration except for VCIX-NV which will be the only direct VCIX certification with no option of VCAP.
With this announcement, individual can now still be recognize in passing one of the category in each track and granted VCAP or VCIX for earning a double VCAP in any track.
The upgrade path for existing VCAP does not change as announced earlier.  To achieve VCIX, existing VCAP with either category need just pass the other category in version 6.

Update 14th Dec 2015 Some…